Bringing in my First Harvest: 3 1/2 Radishes

Not a big yield but kind of an epic event (drum roll): I harvested 3 and a half radishes from our balcony! I sowed them about six weeks ago and the little plants were fast-paced. It was interesting to see the pink roots becoming stronger and stronger everyday and also the leaves became quite massive. So I was excited to finally pull them out.

First radish

Radish Pot

But I guess the mistake I did was that I planted them too deep into the pot. The seeds have to be planted right under the surface, so that you can already see the little radishes developing without digging them out. So most of the roots had no chance to flower out.

Anyways, this was my first try and some home-grown veg is better than nothing! My first balcony-grown veg: mission accomplished! But I can already tell you that the tomato and courgette plants are developing quite well so I am confident there will be more good stuff happening!

Radish Stalks

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