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Mini broccoli quiches with honey-roasted pine nuts

I thought there would be no public viewing for the Women’s Wold Cup but now there is – in our street. The Italian restaurant on the corner is celebrating outside and everybody can hear them cheering. I would like to know whether they would like to support the German football ladies or whether this is just a good opportunity to celebrate.

little broccoli quiches with honey roasted pine nuts

On the weekend I made so much pastry that I could have fed the whole German football team. Instead I made one little quiche after another. Quiche is so easy to make and it is so much fun to experiment with different ingredients.

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Artichokes with homemade Aioli


Artichokes are so beautiful. There are a bit intimidating though, because they are not as easy to prepare as other vegetables. I bought four beautiful pieces from Fance at the Carlsplatz market here in Düsseldorf. I love having artichokes as a simple yet sophisticated snack with a nice dip and there is nothing better than Aioli. I never made an Aioli myself so this was a good chance.

There are plenty of ways on how to prepare an artichoke. I kept it simple by putting the artichokes in one piece into boiling salt water for about 45 minutes until they became soft. Peeling the artichokes step by step, dipping the leaves in the Aioli and sucking on the lower parts of the leaves (the only edible parts of the artichoke apart from the heart) is a real treat.

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Goat Cheese bacon

Honey Goat Cheese with fresh Thyme

Is there anything better than some little indulgence after work? Lately I was seeing a lot of these ready-to-eat wrapped goat cheese products around but freshly prepared it’s much better. Actually I wanted to buy regular goat cheese but what they had was much better: honey goat cheese – yummy!

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