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Marjoram Soup with Crayfish by Tobias Sudhoff

marjoram soup with crayfish

Hello food lovers. Yes, I have been absent for some time. I spent a wonderful holiday in Colombia, seeing friends from Uni. We had such a great time and Colombia is truly amazing. Beautiful landscape, friendly people and a great atmosphere in Bogotá. Of course I also returned with a lot of culinary inspiration.

Back home, I am making our balcony ready for the summer by putting the herb and veg pots outside. Finally! Tomatoes, zucchini, pepper, arugula and various herbs. This year’s urban gardening project is becoming huge.

I also stocked up on Marjoram, which I used today for a Marjoram soup with crayfish.

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Bruschetta with homegrown tomatoes

bruschetta close up

We have so many tomatoes – it’s crazy! Despite the bad weather and all the rain in the past weeks, our balcony looks like a tomato garden. I picked all the very red ones on Saturday and today there are new red ones ready to be picked again. I love it! And the summer is back!

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Enjoying homegrown courgettes

When I planted little courgette seeds about two months ago I thought this was some kind of experiment. I would have never guessed that the little plants would totally take over our balcony so that we only had a restricted bbq-area. But it turned out that I really seem to have a green thumb. It was very interesting to follow the development of the plant and so tonight we finally enjoyed homegrown courgettes.

courgette on a plate

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Bringing in my First Harvest: 3 1/2 Radishes

Not a big yield but kind of an epic event (drum roll): I harvested 3 and a half radishes from our balcony! I sowed them about six weeks ago and the little plants were fast-paced. It was interesting to see the pink roots becoming stronger and stronger everyday and also the leaves became quite massive. So I was excited to finally pull them out.

First radish
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On Growing Radish in the City

I bought this book about growing veg on the balcony and the chapter on radish sounded promising. It says that after six weeks you can harvest. That seemed impossible to me but: challenge accepted!

I bought simple radish seeds in the supermarket and planted them into these little compostable pots for sowing. After a couple of days they sprouted already! Turbo radish I tell you!

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Urban Gardening for Beginners

Now that we have moved into our new flat and have two balconies, I am trying to make the best out of it! Both are facing the courtyard and there is not too much sun but at least in the mornings until late noon and I have read that for most fruit and veg 5 to 6 hrs of sun a day is sufficient. This is going to be some kind of experiment as I have not really demonstrated in the past to have a green thumb – but I have accepted the challenge.

So yesterday we have been to a garden center to buy potting soil, flower boxes, seeds and seedlings to get started. Actually it is supposed to be a bit late to seed tomatoes but I really wanted to so I did last night. This morning I put them out into the sun but in the next ten days to two weeks they have to stay inside to sprout before they can stay outside. This is exciting!

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