Eating Out in Ghent: Restaurant Brasserie Pakhuis

We are spending a great weekend in Belgium. I think Ghent is a very beautiful city: small, cosy, full of young people and a lot of interesting cafés, bars and restaurants. I like it very much.

There is this very good restaurant in Ghent that I have been reading about and I really wanted to go there: The Pakhuis. The restaurant is big, bright and open as it used to be a warehouse. The atmosphere is really unique.

Restaurant Pakhuis Top

Together with two other restaurants in Brussels and Antwerp, the Pakhuis owns a farm in the Bresse region in France, where they get most of their fresh and seasonal products from. How great is this!? The cuisine is French-Italian and you can choose between different three-course menus or à la carte.

I went for the seasonal market menu. For the main course I had a very tender, pink salmon with white asparagus. They also offer a wide selection of organic wines, which is great! I highly recommend this place because of the quality food but also because the atmosphere is so great. I felt like being in a big market hall. Make sure you make a reservation.

Restaurant Pakhuis Gent Produit de Ferme

Restaurant Pakhuis Salmon

Enjoying the rest of the weekend in Bruges.

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