Pasta Amatriciana

There are so many different kinds of italian pasta sauces. I find it very interesting that all regions in Italy have their own typical pasta sauce receipe. One of my favourite italian pasta sauce receipe is Pasta Amatriciana (or L’amatriciana or Matriciana) . Amatrice is a city in the province of Rieti, north east of Rome.

The traditional pasta sauce from this region is a tomato sauce with bacon, white wine, onions and chili. The pasta sauce is usually served with Bucatini – a tubed spaghetti-like pasta.

Pasta Amatriciana

Pasta Amatriciana is something you find on the menu of every good Italian restaurant and it is interesting to see and taste the slight receipe variations. When we made this pasta on the weekend I felt like being in Italy.

What you need for 4 people:
Olive oil
2 red onions or spring onions
150g Pancetta
100 ml white wine
600g cherry tomatoes
1 tablespoon dried and chopped chili

I couldn’t find red onions that day so I used spring onions which is also good. The quality of the Pancetta is very important and fresh from the butcher is definitely the best option. Unfortunately I had to fall back on Pancetta from the supermarket.

Pasta Amatriciana Ingredients


  • “Sweat” onions with olive oil until they are transparent
  • Add Pancetta and garlic and simmer over medium heat for five minutes
  • Add wine and simmer until vaporised
  • Add tomatoes and chili and flavour with pepper and salt
  • Thicken over medium heat for ten minutes
  • Serve with Pecorino
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