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Artichokes with homemade Aioli


Artichokes are so beautiful. There are a bit intimidating though, because they are not as easy to prepare as other vegetables. I bought four beautiful pieces from Fance at the Carlsplatz market here in Düsseldorf. I love having artichokes as a simple yet sophisticated snack with a nice dip and there is nothing better than Aioli. I never made an Aioli myself so this was a good chance.

There are plenty of ways on how to prepare an artichoke. I kept it simple by putting the artichokes in one piece into boiling salt water for about 45 minutes until they became soft. Peeling the artichokes step by step, dipping the leaves in the Aioli and sucking on the lower parts of the leaves (the only edible parts of the artichoke apart from the heart) is a real treat.

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Steamed Salmon with Green Asparagus

Tonight was a good opportunity to reactivate my bamboo steamer. I really love this thing and I believe that the food tastes much better than with using an electronic plastic steamer. It’s more fun anyways and it looks kind of cool. You can put it on any pot. The good thing with the two layer steamer which I have is that the flavours can circulate. This is especially interesting when mixing vegetables with meat or fish.

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