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Autumn Vegetables Gujarat Style

vegetables for gujarat style dish

With the beginning of autumn this week, I am looking forward to a great variety of autumn vegetables. I bought potatoes, sweet potatoes, eggplants and parsnip yesterday to make an Indian dish that caught my attention in a recent issue of Food and Travel magazine. I also bought the first pumpkin yesterday. Today it popped into my head that in the 90′s my parents used to make tons of pickled pumpkin every year (I think it was some kind of trend back then) and that I very much disliked it. Maybe I will try it this year and reevaluate the taste.

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One of my favourite Asian appetisers: Vietnamese spring rolls

rice paper

One of my favourite Asian appetisers are Vietnamese spring rolls. They are super fresh and it’s fun to prepare them. It is kind of the Asian version of Mexican Fajitas. I had a lot of them last December and January, when we spent Christmas in Cambodia and Vietnam. They prepare them on the lively markets and it is very interesting to see and try the various styles.

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