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Sesame Crusted Tuna with a Quinoa Sprouts Salad

Tuna Sesame Crust Sprout Salad

I have been craving semi-raw tuna plus salad for two weeks now. I have seen a picture of it in a food magazine and couldn’t stop thinking about it. As I am crazy about food this happens to me quite often actually. I can’t put food out of my head.

So today it was seared tuna with a super fresh sprouts salad. This dish has some kind of an asian appeal. Also because of the aromatic taste of roasted sesame, which I really like.

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Crunchy Quinoa & Cabbage Salad

crunchy quinoa cabbage salad with forks

I have been struggling with a cold the past week and now Philipp is not feeling well this weekend. We both need some food that gives us energy: quinoa and vegetables.

We had a beautiful pointed cabbage in our veg box on friday (see picture). Pointed cabbage has softer leaves and tastes slightly sweeter than white cabbage. I really like it. However due to the cold weather our box has only been sparely filled over the winter months.

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Baby spinach salad with figs and lazy sundays

summer salad

Our sundays are very lazy lately. I am listening to the latest album of one my favourite bands called Malajube. My good friend Pier-Luc from Montréal recommended them a couple of years ago. They were in Germany in 2007 and so I saw them live and totally fell in love with their music. If you like francophonic indie rock you should definitely check them out.

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Urban Gardening for Beginners

Now that we have moved into our new flat and have two balconies, I am trying to make the best out of it! Both are facing the courtyard and there is not too much sun but at least in the mornings until late noon and I have read that for most fruit and veg 5 to 6 hrs of sun a day is sufficient. This is going to be some kind of experiment as I have not really demonstrated in the past to have a green thumb – but I have accepted the challenge.

So yesterday we have been to a garden center to buy potting soil, flower boxes, seeds and seedlings to get started. Actually it is supposed to be a bit late to seed tomatoes but I really wanted to so I did last night. This morning I put them out into the sun but in the next ten days to two weeks they have to stay inside to sprout before they can stay outside. This is exciting!

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