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Bruschetta with homegrown tomatoes

bruschetta close up

We have so many tomatoes – it’s crazy! Despite the bad weather and all the rain in the past weeks, our balcony looks like a tomato garden. I picked all the very red ones on Saturday and today there are new red ones ready to be picked again. I love it! And the summer is back!

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Spring onions, tomatoes & red lentils with Indian spices

red lentils meal

The recipe for this Indian style dish is from a brochure I picked up at Whole Foods Market in London some time ago. The brochure gives ideas for healthy dishes with whole grains. Quite informative.

I don’t cook with lentils so much, because I don’t know so many good recipes. That’s why I follow quite a few vegeterian or vegan food blogs to learn more, because lentils are so delicious and rich in protein.

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Homemade burgers with guacamole

homemade burger

Today was a culinary trip around the world. A typical german breakfast: bread rolls with liver sausage (yes, it’s nice for breakfast), the French festival in the city in the afternoon and some homemade “American burgers” on time for the women’s football worldcup finale tonight. It looks like we have been hungry today..

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Pasta Amatriciana

There are so many different kinds of italian pasta sauces. I find it very interesting that all regions in Italy have their own typical pasta sauce receipe. One of my favourite italian pasta sauce receipe is Pasta Amatriciana (or L’amatriciana or Matriciana) . Amatrice is a city in the province of Rieti, north east of Rome.

The traditional pasta sauce from this region is a tomato sauce with bacon, white wine, onions and chili. The pasta sauce is usually served with Bucatini – a tubed spaghetti-like pasta.

Pasta Amatriciana

Pasta Amatriciana is something you find on the menu of every good Italian restaurant and it is interesting to see and taste the slight receipe variations. When we made this pasta on the weekend I felt like being in Italy.

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Urban Gardening for Beginners

Now that we have moved into our new flat and have two balconies, I am trying to make the best out of it! Both are facing the courtyard and there is not too much sun but at least in the mornings until late noon and I have read that for most fruit and veg 5 to 6 hrs of sun a day is sufficient. This is going to be some kind of experiment as I have not really demonstrated in the past to have a green thumb – but I have accepted the challenge.

So yesterday we have been to a garden center to buy potting soil, flower boxes, seeds and seedlings to get started. Actually it is supposed to be a bit late to seed tomatoes but I really wanted to so I did last night. This morning I put them out into the sun but in the next ten days to two weeks they have to stay inside to sprout before they can stay outside. This is exciting!

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