The Culinary Delights of Sardinia

sardinia alghero la botthegina

We spent two wonderful weeks on Sardinia, relaxing, reading, swimming and of course enjoying the culinary delights this Mediterranean beauty has to offer. We decided to concentrate on the Northern part of the island, discovering the provinces Olbia-Tempio, Sassari and Oristano.

Did you know that most of Italy’s Pecorino cheese is coming from Sardinia? Pecorino is a hard cheese made from sheep milk. It comes in various styles depending on the degree of maturity. We also had pecorino fresco, which is a soft, creamy pecorino, tasting absolutely divine – especially in combination with the local honey.

Of course we brought a big one home (picture below).

sardinia pecorino

The first week we stayed a couple of nights at a great “agriturismo” called Li Pireddi on the countryside in the Gallura region. I wanted to stay at a calm place to relax and to taste the authentic local cuisine. The property is owned by Gabriele and his family, who also grow their own wine. We were lucky to enjoy fabulous food each night accompanied by their wine. I really recommend this place.

sardinia santu lussurgiu

We continued our tour through Castelsardo, Stintino, Alghero and Bosa and discovered the typical pasta dishes of Sardinia as well as the exquisite seafood.

I always find it very interesting to learn about the different kinds of pasta dishes in Italy. Two specialities of Sardinia that I really enjoyed are Fregula and Malloreddus, a gnocchi-like pasta. Fregula is a type of pasta which is similar to couscous, but made with semolina dough. On the picture below you see a typical dish that I had with Freugla and mussels. Absolutely fantastic!

sardinia fregula

sardinia alghero

Alghero (picture above) was a beautiful place, though very touristy in August. It has a very romantic old town and sea side promenade. You can also really feel the Catalan background of this town. Great atmosphere. We found a great restaurant there called “La Botteghina”, which focuses on simple home cuisine with fresh and seasonal local ingredients. We waited quite a long time for a table and therefore started dinner at 11 p.m. But already the antipasti with a superb buffalo mozzarella made up for it.

You can see Philipp there at La Botteghina similing over a tuna carpaccio.

sardinia la botthegina alghero is arutas

sardinia mirto

sardinia cheese and antica dimora

The last four nights we stayed at my favourite place of the whole trip: “Antica Dimora del Gruccione” in Santu Lussurgiu. The village of Santu Lussurgiu is a sleepy place situated at the Montiferru National Park near the Sinis peninsula. The Antica Dimora is an “albergo diffuso”, a hotel that consits of several houses in the old town of Santu Lussurgiu. It is a family-owned place, run by warm-hearted people and recommended by the Slow Food Organisation.

Each night we sat under lemon trees in the courtyard of the main house, enjoying various local delicacies, finishing with a mirto, a sweet homemade myrtle liqueur.

sardinia bosa

We really enjoyed our trip to Sardinia and we are sure that we want to come back!

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